About Me

 Being born four months early at just one pound and fifteen ounces and undergoing heart surgery really makes a person question their existence. Is there some deeper meaning as to why my body fought so hard to stay alive? Are their underlying forces guiding the existence of every individual? What is the relationship between me and every other life force? These are trivial questions I think about frequently and often times they influence my work.

I work with several mediums including ceramics, acrylics, oil, watercolors, and charcoal. However, all of my work is centered around the same themes and is reflective of the questions posed. My work is expressive of the human form and aims to relate it to all other organic forces. In doing so, it looks deeper into the interconnectedness of all living things. Often times I will incorporate some form of organic material into my pieces to further convey this. I place emphasis on the intuitive and organic nature of my art by allowing the natural process of creating to remain visible, such as the finger indents in my ceramic pieces and the contour lines in my drawings. Leaving these marks is important in showing that these pieces were created by a human and show the transfer of energy from my hands to the surface of the piece. I believe that being able to empathize is one of the most important qualities in a human and it allows us to be aware of the deeper connection between us and everything else, resulting in my work being emotionally charged. During the creative process, new interests arise and lead to the next body of work, allowing my pieces to be just as connect to each other as they are to every other life force.